Finally, A Private
Wallet Messenger.

Anonymously coordinate NFT deals, chat about your favorite tokens, and more, securely and privately through direct wallet-to-wallet communication.

Developed by Tiger King Coin

The First Truly Anonymous Wallet-to-Wallet Blockchain Communication App.

Developed by the Tiger King Coin ($TKING) dev team, this revolutionary application allows you to send direct messages to any wallet across any blockchain with a valid wallet address.


Simply connect via built-in Web3 validation. Immediately use the application with easy-to-understand functions.


The use-cases are endless for coordinating communication with a wallet, which prior to development of this app was impossible.


You control your communication. Unlimited messaging at your fingertips.


Only your validated wallet can access your messages, and there's NO need to enter any personal information to "sign up" or "connect" to the application.

How The App Works?

No Sign-Up

Just click "Launch App" and begin communicating with any wallet address.


Click the "Connect Wallet" button to use Web3 validation to verify you own the wallet.


Click the message icon to paste the wallet address you wish to communicate with.


Use our full-fledged messaging app to send various modes of content direct to a wallet through a secure communication channel.

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